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Softonic Solution is the leading SEO services agency that has proven itself to deliver its clients better ROI and an extension of the marketing efforts. Ranging from improving your search engine ranking to bringing a quality audience to your website, we strive to deliver higher leads to prosper your business.

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What’s our SEO Audit

We modify your website to match it exactly with Google’s standards.

Keyword Analysis

Keyword analysis helps in bringing organic traffic to your website. It’s not a one-and-done deal, but a technique that needs consistent focus. It is the first step to gaining effective search engine rankings.

Benefits of an effective Keyword Analysis:

  • ⇝ Optimize spending: We distribute your budget to several keywords to bring more traffic and profitable results.
  • ⇝ Provide insights: We gain insights into the market behavior and focus on keywords related to the people’s searches.
  • ⇝ Increase in conversation rate: We focusing on keywords with high conversion rates to boost your conversion rate.

Competitive Analysis

For every business, it is crucial to understand the presence of competitors in the market. One needs to keep an eye on the keywords they are using to get a better ranking, the sources from where they are getting links, and how they are ahead of you. With proper analytics, one can drive a smart decision and create marketing campaigns for gaining positive results.

It also gives a clear view of the brands winning organic visibility in the industry.

Technical Analysis

To make a website rank well on SERPs, it is required to meet all the essential technical requirements of search engines. Technical analysis helps in fixing several shortcomings such as duplicate pages & content, downloading speed, and functioning of modules in the internal site optimization.

This analysis is carried out throughout the lifecycle of a project to detect errors at every stage.

Page Level Analysis

The page-level analysis helps in making sure that every page of the website is accurately optimized. Along with good and original content, a website needs proper optimization to become effective for SEO. Strong content with effective optimization is crucial to driving search engine traffic.

Apart from this, the URL needs to be optimized and the images must have alt tags. Meta titles and meta descriptions are a must for each page and also one needs to ensure that there is no plain text on any page.

Content Quality Analysis

Content quality analysis should be conducted at regular intervals to ensure the relevancy and effectiveness of the content on your website. We use high-end content audit tools to find mistakes or inaccuracies to audit the entire content on your website.

Along with it, we also make necessary changes to help your content perform well.

User Experience Analysis

A great website user experience is directly linked with the increase in the average time spent on the site by the viewers and decreases the bounce rate.

Use experience analysis helps in understanding the requirements of your customers precisely and improving their experience accordingly. It is of great use when it comes to SEO.

Full Link Profile Analysis

It is a well-known fact that links are important factors for effective SEO. And from the SEO perspective, branded backlinks are the ones that help in building the reliability of a website.

So, we make sure that the backlinks that are being created are linked with generic and branded keyword anchors. And audit the whole website to check if there any low-quality backlink exists and fix them as soon as possible.

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